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December 2017 Archives

Are there strategies to avoiding excessive estate taxes?

One of the hassles of estate planning is considering the tax implications for your surviving family members. Depending on what you are leaving behind, your loved ones could be stuck paying quite a bit of money just to get their inheritance. This is true in Missouri and any other state thanks to IRS laws. Luckily, there are some options you have to keep the taxation at a minimum.

How can a partnership be ended?

When you enter into a business partnership in Missouri, you have to be aware of the responsibilities placed on both you and your partners. If any of you decide you no longer want to be part of the business or can no longer be a part of the business, it can create problems. There are many reasons why a partnership may end, and according to Entrepreneur, when one partner leaves a business, it can dissolve that business. This is why it is essential to understand how to handle a partner leaving. 

Gun owners who plan for a changing future

Did you know that quite a few Missouri gun owners retain legal counsel as a form of security? We frequently field questions about gun legislation here at Kozeny and McCubbin, particularly about practical applications of weapons law. Most of these questions we receive, while seemingly simple, have complex and nuanced answers that depend on variable interpretations of the law.

What is the stand your ground law in Missouri?

There have been many stories in the news about homeowners protecting their families with firearms in Missouri. However, it can be confusing when it comes to legal aspects of such situations. Do you have a right to shoot someone if they break into your home or otherwise threaten you on your own property? According to KSHB, the state just enacted a Stand Your Ground law that gives you that right.

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