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What is concealed carry reciprocity?

Most states have concealed carry laws that provide legal gun owners with the right to carry in public. Most states with such laws also have concealed carry reciprocity laws. What this means is the state recognizes the concealed carry rights of another state for people traveling into a state from a different state. It may not always be so straightforward, though, so you must understand your rights when traveling to and from another state from Missouri to ensure you do not break the law.

The Attorney General notes that there is concealed carry reciprocity with every other state that issues concealed carry permits. The extent of the reciprocity depends on the state because each state's laws are different. What you can do in Missouri may not be allowed in another state. It is your duty to check the laws before traveling to avoid possible arrest and detainment. 

Some states, such as California, Washington, Hawaii, Minnesota and Illinois, will not recognize a concealed carry permit at all, so you cannot exercise your rights in those states. Other states, such as Alaska and Virginia, only will recognize the rights if you are over the age of 21.

Certain states will recognize your rights only with a written agreement. These states include Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. The majority of states, though, will recognize your concealed carry rights without limitations or the need for a written agreement. One notable exception is Wisconsin that only recognizes permits issued after August 28, 2013, but such permits are wholly recognized without limitations. This information is intended to educate and is not legal advice. 

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