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March 2018 Archives

Understanding Missouri's 'Stand Your Ground' law

If you live in Missouri and have ever had anyone break into your home, you may have questions about what your rights are under such circumstances, and whether you are legally able to use deadly force against the assailant. At Kozeny & McCubbin, L.C., we have a firm understanding of Missouri's Stand Your Ground law as well as others relating to weapon ownership and use, and we have helped many Missouri residents defend their rights with regard to the use of firearms and weaponry within state lines.

Which states recognize the Missouri concealed carry permit?

You have several liberties as a Missouri gun owner, although your rights are not always absolutely clear. Complicated rules, such as permitless carry laws, often tend to confuse matters rather than make your gun ownership experience easier. However, the rules on reciprocal recognition of concealed carry permits are relatively clear if you refer to the latest information.

Is there anything that does not go in a will?

If you have decided to draft a last will and testament in Missouri, you have taken crucial steps to bequeathing your assets to your loved ones when you pass away. However, not all of your post-death wishes can be expressed in a will. According to Findlaw, some instructions, for a number of reasons, should not be included in a will.

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