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Which states recognize the Missouri concealed carry permit?

You have several liberties as a Missouri gun owner, although your rights are not always absolutely clear. Complicated rules, such as permitless carry laws, often tend to confuse matters rather than make your gun ownership experience easier. However, the rules on reciprocal recognition of concealed carry permits are relatively clear if you refer to the latest information.

Getting the most recent data on your permit is important due to the highly political nature of gun laws. Even if the weapons culture in Missouri is relatively stable, the same is not true about every state you might intend to visit. You could experience hostile police action, confiscation of your firearms or even criminal charges if you attempt to carry when it is not allowed. 

You are probably well aware of this, but there is one notable exception to Missouri concealed carry permit reciprocity agreements. If you visit Illinois, it is probably best to leave your weapon at home, at least in the absence of further paperwork to legalize your gun. If you want to travel elsewhere, you might have better luck. The Missouri permit is widely respected in other states.

In addition to Missouri's neighbor to the east, The National Rifle Association lists some other exceptions to reciprocal recognition of your concealed carry permit:

  • Hawaii
  • The West Coast and Nevada
  • Certain New England states
  • Minnesota

If you are considering travelling extensively, there are many state laws that could affect your rights in unexpected and potentially unpleasant ways. Finding the most recent information is often the best way to stay safe. Please do not use the contents of this article as legal advice: It is meant only to educate.

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