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What to include in an employment contract

If you live in Missouri and operate your own small business, you may be handling your own employment needs with regard to hiring, firing and so on. Often, one of the best ways to prevent potential lawsuits from employees or otherwise finding yourself in trouble involves adopting some solid human resource-related practices from day one, and this holds true when it comes to employment contracts. At Kozeny & McCubbin, we understand the essential elements of an employment contract, and we have helped many Missouri small business owners fine-tune theirs and prevent potential problems down the line.

Per PandaDoc, one of the most important things to include in your employment contract is comprehensive and pertinent job information. Outline exactly what you expect of your new hire, and include information about superiors, performance assessments and so on. You also want to outline exactly what type of employee the hire is (contractor, full-time employee and so on), because this matters in terms of insurance considerations, taxes and the like. When it comes to your employment contract, it typically pays to be thorough, so the more specific you can be in your contract, the better.

Additional essential elements of your employment contract include the employee schedule and any confidentiality agreements you may want to include. In terms of the schedule, clearly outline how many hours you expect the new hire to work, and if the position is temporary, be clear about when it begins and ends. Your next objective, depending on the nature of your business, might include protecting your business's trade secrets and other private information with a confidentiality clause.

If you have fears about the employee leaving and sharing your secrets with a similar business entity, you can include language in your contract to prevent this. More about business law is available on our web page.


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