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A guide to reviewing and updating your estate plan

A lot of people delay making an estate plan. If you already have a will and perhaps some other documents, such as a trust, power of attorney or beneficiary designations, then you are already off to a good start. You are ahead of the curve. However, you should always remember that creating an estate plan is just the first step in what should be a continual process.

Business formation types that limit personal liability

If you own your own small business or are preparing to launch one, you may have questions about what business formation type would best fit your unique needs. The needs of one business tend to vary broadly from the next, but virtually all businesses have areas where they risk being the subject of a lawsuit.

What is a breach of contract?

One type of situation you are bound to encounter as a business owner in St. Louis is a breach of contract. When issues arise between you and a vendor, employee or some other party you have an agreement with, the steps you take to resolve them can mean the difference between you avoiding litigation or having to go through a long and drawn out court battle. 

How does Missouri define self-defense?

The state of Missouri does not demand retreat in the face of a deadly threat. The law allows you to act in self-defense instead. While this is a positive change for gun owners and defenders of the Constitutional right to bear (and use) arms, it also demands proper interpretation of the law. 

Dealing with breach of contract

Business owners in the St. Louis area know the important role contracts play in keeping the business running. As part of operating your business, you will enter into contracts with customers, vendors, contractors and employees, and you rely on everyone upholding their end of the bargain.

Firearm possession: how to interact with an officer

In the state of Missouri, you may legally carry a concealed firearm without a permit. However, you need to be careful when you are carrying a concealed weapon and interact with a police officer. Even though you are not breaking the law, you do not want to do anything that will make the police officer feel threatened. Do you know the best ways to interact with an officer when you are in possession of a firearm?

What should my will include?

Many people procrastinate on setting up on an estate plan and some even pass away without ever drafting a will. It may be unpleasant to plan for what happens after you pass away, but having an estate plan is necessary. Without one, court governs where your assets go, regardless of what you would have wanted.

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